Confused about What Type of Phone to Get?

Want to Know More about the Different Types of Phone Systems?

There are several different kinds of phone systems, however, the 3 main ones are standard telephone service, mobile phones, and Internet phones.

Landline phones are part of POTS, which is an analogue service that uses copper wiring that is a descendant of the original telephone system. The benefits of this system range from standard equipment, good sound quality, and no sharing of the system’s capacity with others. This is because switches are set up and create a private circuit for every phone call.

Another system is used for mobile phones and individual companies have their own networks with various different technologies. Similar to the POTS system, mobile phone systems are full-duplex. This means both people calling can speak at the same time, however, mobile phones use radio frequencies and not standard copper wire. Although cellular networks first started as mobile voice networks, they can now house voice and data. Some networks have stayed national while others went international. The networks referred to as 3G support are used not just by mobile phones, but by smartphones, netbook computers, and wireless air cards.

IP or Internet Protocol, also known as VolP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is another kind of telephone system that is used today. This service will piggy-back pre-existing Internet connections, using broadband or cable service. A tool known as an Analogue Telephone Adaptor will be the link that connects a phone and a person and it’s used with the broadband modem or router.

IP systems can be created using only one line for Internet and telephone service. Integrated T1 line and not voice or data can handle both. However, a Dynamic T1will assign bandwidth when required, depending on the current usage.

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