Need a Reliable Telephone System?

What Exactly Is a PBX Phone System?

As electronic communications are continuously advancing in technology, a hosted PBX phone system can work from almost any remote location, this virtual PBX has made a huge impact on how most companies do business. Below is some background information on hosted PBX phone systems and exactly how they will be beneficial to small and big businesses alike.

The main reason for any telephony functions is to provide clear and efficient communications between people. Over the past few years, telecommunications devices have gone from desk phones to central switchboards which route calls manually to a PBX phone system, which has the ability to route calls coming into a business. And for several years, this meant installing bulky equipment in a company; however, hosted PBX phone systems only need minimal equipment, an Internet connection using a wireless or wired provider, and a small amount of basic programming.

One particular type is a Private Branch eXchange. Also known as an Electronic private Automatic Branch Exchange, this will not need switching equipment to be provided or operated by a telecommunications provider, instead, the system contains itself and only uses one subscriber. This kind of hosted PBX system, is maintained either by the company or by independent IT services, which supply a dedicated service to a business.

Generally, a hosted PBX systems of any kind needs an internal switching network, which will be programmed to route extensions, in addition to voice mailboxes for every user. A central processing unit will oversee all the traffic of every authorized node on the PBX system. Multiple cards will oversee different functions, like power flow, logic progression, and internal switching. So if your business is looking for a more efficient telephone system, which requires minimal maintenance, then this is the system for you.

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