What Is the Difference Between T1 and Ethernet?

A Reliable Phone Service Technician Explains

Today, we all want the most speedy Internet connection for our homes and businesses. When it comes to efficiency and long-term solutions, you will probably face the dilemma – to choose a T1 connection offered by your local phone service provider or Ethernet offered by your local Ethernet provider. Which one to select? Take a look at this helpful information:

What exactly is T1? A T1 circuit is a point-to-point line that travels from your business’ network to the local phone company or Internet provider that can be a phone company as well. This connection can also be used to link data between different offices. What’s typical here is that T1 requires specialized equipment installed by a professional at each location. The line mounted can carry data at a rate of 1.5 Mbps. But if you want to increase the bandwidth, you can ask your company to bond T1’s together.

What is Ethernet? Some years back, a T1 line was the most modern and high-tech method to provide an Internet connection at a high speed. And definitely, that was the best option for connected businesses. Today, Internet demands are growing and T1 is already an old and slow method for Internet connection simply because it cannot handle today’s bandwidth capacity. And here Ethernet comes to the rescue. It can carry data at a rate of 1 Gbps and even more depending on the company you pick. And this is tremendous speed.

How can you make the right choice? When hesitating between T1 and Ethernet, you should pay attention to the bandwidth ability. If you prefer to choose T1, by bonding seven of these circuits, you can achieve a bandwidth of 12 Mbps. However, it can be significantly increased only by replacing them with a single Ethernet connection. Both connections offer high quality of service, though.

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